About us

At Meet Your Finance (MYF), we are dedicated to inspiring, empowering, and guiding young people to develop the essential skills that will enable them to take control of their finances and achieve financial freedom. We firmly believe in a Puerto Rico where every individual has the power to transform their economic situation, turning financial prosperity into a tangible and accessible reality for all. We are agents of change committed to promoting financial education and facilitating technological tools that allow for the efficient management of each individual's personal finances. At MYF, we are building a prosperous and financially self-sufficient community, driven by the passion to make financial opportunities accessible to everyone. Join us on this exciting journey towards a bright financial future for Puerto Rico. Together, we build the path to financial freedom.


Driving a prosperous and financially healthy community, where each individual can develop a solid financial plan for their future. Together with all our collaborators, we contribute to the social well-being of our community, transforming financial education and contributing to the eradication of poverty in Puerto Rico.


We envision ourselves as leaders in the financial industry, driving financial innovation through technologies to forge an inclusive, efficient, and transparent system. We are committed to significantly contributing to the reduction of poverty on a global level, promoting overall social welfare.

Meet the Founders

At Meet Your Finance, our philosophy is centered on creating a diverse and passionate team, fostering an empowering culture that aligns with our mission to revolutionize the financial industry.
A photo of Luis Millet - The CEO of Meet Your Finance
Luis Millet
Founder & CEO
A photo of Cristian Melendez - The CTO of Meet Your Finance
Cristian Meléndez
Founder & CTO